About Lucille's

Here at Lucille’s, we’re on a mission to create more opportunities for people to connect, celebrate, and consume, all without the presence of alcohol.

Have you ever wanted to bottle a feeling?

Well, we did the next best thing.

You know when you feel the buzz of connection after a really great conversation, or a particularly fun gathering, or a super restorative night to yourself? Us too.

We wanted to capture the magic of that sparkly feeling.

That’s why we created Lucille’s: to make it easier for people to gather for social drinks, explore new flavor profiles, laugh with friends, and foster the interactions they *think* they’re giving up when opting out of alcohol.

Our alcohol-free bottle shop contains all the ingredients for a good time. Like a vibrant selection of beverages as curious and complex as the people who drink them. And a jumping-off point for everyone and anyone who wants to explore a life without alcohol, or just a little less alcohol.

There’s no judgment, no prereqs, no stigma. Just a bunch of people drinking delicious beverages while having a damn good time.


What we stand for

Lucille’s isn’t just a bottle shop. It’s a place to explore, learn, and get playful, whether you’re sober, sober curious, or simply looking to drink less. And we do a whole lot of research to make sure we’re curating a selection of goodies that will help you discover the vibrant world of alcohol-free beverages. Really, it’s a journey in empowerment. And we’re here to make it as supportive and enjoyable as possible. We removed the alcohol, but we didn’t remove the fun.

Meet our founders, Alex and Christina. They’re pretty great and open books about their personal journey’s to that lead them to Lucilles.