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Athletic Brewing Free Wave Hazy IPA

Athletic Brewing Free Wave Hazy IPA

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What you need to know

Athletic Brewing claims when you drink this you get transported into a convertible cruising the PCH. Give it a taste and see!

Flavor Profile

Notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and a balanced hop bitterness. The hazy appearance is often associated with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, providing a full-bodied experience.

Best Served

Keep in simple, all you have to do is chill it.

Pairs well with

Athletic Brewing's Free Wave Hazy IPA, with its hazy and hop-forward profile, pairs well with bold and flavorful dishes. Consider serving it with spicy foods like buffalo wings, barbecue dishes, or even a hearty curry. The hoppy notes can also complement the richness of grilled meats or enhance the flavors of a charcuterie board.

About the Brand

Athletic Brewing's Mission is "to positively impact our customers' health, fitness and happiness while greatly impacting our communities and environment for the better." Did you know that Athletic Brewing gives back up to $2 million annually to protect and restore local trails?
  • Vegan
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