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Blind Tiger Bee's Knees

Blind Tiger Bee's Knees

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What you need to know

This cocktail is a true Prohibition-era cocktail, reportedly invented by a bartender at the Ritz in Paris in 1921. Originally designed to mask the harshness of bathtub gin (cheap alcohol made during Prohibition) through the use of honey and lemon, it eventually became a renowned cocktail made in bars around the world today.

Flavor Profile

Features a rich honey and bright lemon flavor complemented by subtle juniper undertones.

Best Served

Chilled, over ice. Alone or mixed into your favorite cocktail. Blind Tiger's founder recommends using this for a NA blackberry whiskey sour. Yum!

Pairs well with

About the Brand

Blind Tiger's founder story is rooted in the spirit of the Prohibition era, where people gathered at speakeasies to enjoy drinks that were otherwise banned. Rebecca Styn, founder of Erie, PA's Room 33 Speakeasy, brought her passion for this time to life by creating a sophisticated cocktail experience that captures the defining flavors of the era, with or without the alcohol. Named after the Prohibition-era speakeasies that had to keep a low profile to avoid detection, Blind Tiger is here to enhance the limited dry options offered to consumers.
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