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Go Brewing Prophets Hazy IPA

Go Brewing Prophets Hazy IPA

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What you need to know

This beer is inspired by Rich Roll who went from being overweight to writing an Amazon #1 best-selling memoir, achieving a status of one of the "25 Fittest Men in the World" by Men's Fitness, and inspiring people worldwide as the host of The Rich Roll Podcast. This Hazy IPA is a nod to the brightness that follows a storm. It’s not about waiting for the clouds to clear, it’s about pushing through despite not having clarity - for that’s when the finish line will emerge.

Flavor Profile

Notes of honey coming from the grain produce a tropical sweet citrus aroma and taste. The finish has minimal bitterness but a nice body and mouthfeel.

Best Served

Serve Prophets Hazy IPA in a hazy IPA glass or a pint glass. The beer is best served slightly chilled. Pour it with a moderate head to release the full spectrum of hop flavors.

Pairs well with

Consider serving it with spicy foods like buffalo wings, grilled sausages, or even a tangy barbecue. The beer's fruity and hoppy notes can complement the robust flavors of these dishes.

About the Brand

Go Brewing's Mission is "To make the best tasting non and low alcohol craft beer on the planet."
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