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Go Brewing Sunshine State IPA

Go Brewing Sunshine State IPA

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GO's Sunshine State Tropical IPA is among the top-selling style. Perfect for getting into a sunshine state of mind and focusing on all the good in life. With this new brew in hand, discover an epic story that proved a brighter path forward was possible far beyond the morning haze. These craft beers are made from classic ingredients. About Sunshine State Tropical IPA Hops: Bru-1, Zamba / Malt: Barely & Oats / Profile: Mango & Peach / Calories: 99 > This listing is for a 6 pack of 12 Fl Oz Cans Go Brewing's brews have already received hundreds of reviews in just a few months and we have been featured as 1 of 6 beers to try in the Boston Globe, among many other noteworthy media reviews and mentions.

What you need to know

This beer is named after Sara Fix who has completed 28 Ironman races, training and competing some while battling cancer. Go Brewing named one of their most popular beers to honor the testament of Sara's "badassery.,"

Flavor Profile

Mango and peach with a backdrop of hops.

Best Served

Serve Sunshine State IPA in an IPA glass or a pint glass. The beer is best served well-chilled to accentuate the refreshing qualities.

Pairs well with

Grilled seafood, citrus-marinated chicken, or a tropical fruit salad.

About the Brand

Go Brewing's Mission is "To make the best tasting non and low alcohol craft beer on the planet."
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