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Jøyous Sparkling Rose

Jøyous Sparkling Rose

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What you need to know

While many NA wines come from outside the US, Joyous is based in the Pacific Northwest.

Flavor Profile

Pacific northwest notes of ripe blackberries, summer strawberries and California citrus blossoms are the perfect balance of west coast flavors.

Best Served

Serve Joyous Sparkling Rosé well-chilled in a flute or a tulip-shaped glass to concentrate the aromas. The bubbles are best appreciated when the wine is poured into a tall, narrow glass.

Pairs well with

Goes well with a night out (or in) with friends, good times, and a clean and folded load of laundry. Consider serving it with light and elegant dishes such as seafood, salads, fresh fruits, and mild cheeses.

About the Brand

Joyous is proud to be the only sober-owned and woman-owned non-alcoholic winery in the country. And the first to win gold in an industry wine competition.
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