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Lucille's Wine Box

Lucille's Wine Box

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Our Alcohol-Free Wine Box is not your grandma's grape juice – it's a symphony of flavors that's all about the sass and none of the hangover.

We've curated this box for those who know that life is too short for boring sips. Each bottle is a testament to the fact that sophistication doesn't need spirits.

But wait, there's more! With Lucille's Wine Sampler Box you're not just sipping – you're making a statement. Impress your taste buds, bedazzle your friends, and let the good times roll without the hangover woes.

Whether you're hosting a wine and dine affair or just having a Netflix night in, the wine box is your ticket to a world where bold meets beautiful, and where every sip is a declaration of fabulousness.

What You Get: 3 Bottles of Wine

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