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Mocktails Mockapolitan

Mocktails Mockapolitan

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What you need to know

The Karma Sucra Mockapolitan is an NA take on the classic cosmopolitan.

Flavor Profile

Complex aromas of cranberry, grapefruit peel and bitter orange envelop the nose. On the palate the sweet and sour notes of the Cranberry and bitter orange pirouette on a complex platform of supporting notes hinting at quinine, juniper and spices. This is all balanced with a fresh acidity for a subtly yet complex finish.

Best Served

Slightly chilled in a martini glass, garnish with an orange.

Pairs well with

Sophistication or a casual night in.

About the Brand

Mocktails are not only award winning but partner with a variety of not for profits that focus on living an alcohol free lifestyle.
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