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Mocktails Sansgria

Mocktails Sansgria

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What you need to know

Sevilla Red Sansgria is the Mocktail's version of a red sangria made with Sangiovese grapes.

Flavor Profile

Blackcurrant and blackberry notes vie for attention with notes of clove and orange peel coming through too. On the palate there is an earthy quality and tannin grip that dries your mouth like a fine wine. On the finish the blackberry and bitter orange notes come back to the fore for a satisfying and compelling close.

Best Served

Serve Mocktails Sevilla Red Sangria chilled in a wine glass or a traditional sangria glass. Add plenty of ice and garnish with slices of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons for a refreshing presentation.

Pairs well with

Consider serving it with tapas-style dishes, such as bruschetta, patatas bravas, or Spanish olives. The vibrant and fruity profile of the sangria can complement the diverse flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

About the Brand

Mocktails are not only award winning but partner with a variety of not for profits that focus on living an alcohol free lifestyle.
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