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Odd Bird Blanc de Blancs

Odd Bird Blanc de Blancs

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What you need to know

Odd Bird is liberated from alcohol. Liberated from alcohol does not only describe the removal of the substance. It also describes the liberation from our drinking culture which is exactly what we intend to do with the dinner table.

Flavor Profile

Modern and dry sparkling wine from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France. Blanc de Blancs is made from Chardonnay &  Colombard, giving tones of crispy Granny Smith apples, honey and lime. A youthful and elegant Chardonnay blend with high complexity and delicate bubbles. Blanc de Blancs is matured for 12 months before being gently liberated from alcohol.

Best Served

Serve Odd Bird Blanc de Blancs well-chilled in a flute or a tulip-shaped glass.

Pairs well with

Odd Bird Blanc de Blancs pairs well with a variety of foods, especially those that complement its bright and crisp characteristics. Consider serving it with oysters, seafood dishes, light salads, or dishes featuring goat cheese. The wine's acidity and effervescence can enhance the flavors of these foods.

About the Brand

Founded in 2013 by Moa Gürbüzer, Oddbird stands as a testament to her dedication and vision. Moa, with over twenty years of experience as a family therapist and social worker, predominantly addressed alcohol-related familial concerns. The pervasive and recurring nature of these issues deeply impacted her, highlighting the profound negative influence of alcohol on society.

Recognizing the urgent need for a transformative shift, Moa launched Oddbird. Her mission? To challenge and reshape society’s prevailing alcohol norms by introducing premium beverages free of alcohol.
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