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Rose City Fizz

Rose City Fizz

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What you need to know

For Bitter For Worse uses a process called "reverse bootlegging," a patent pending process to make their NA cocktails.

Flavor Profile

Berries, ginger, vacation. Rhubarb and gentian root.

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About the Brand

FBFW is owned by a married couple, Shelley and Jeff. For Bitter For Worse is inspired by their long, sparky marriage and love for celebration.

A whale-watching trip on the Salish Sea led to an obscure neurological malady with a fantastic French name…As a result of this health challenge, Shelley broke up with booze. She’s the Taste Maven. She drew from years of experience as a cocktail enthusiast to create her own nuanced non-alc recipes. Jeff’s the Reverse Bootlegger. He invented our patent-pending process and converted Shelley’s recipes to scalable formulas. For Bitter For Worse has been starting parties since 2020!
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